Onboard Foreign Employees in Saudi Arabia

Step 1: Obtain necessary documents

Submitting an application through the Ministry’s online portal
Providing required documents, such as:
Company registration and license
Proof of business activity
Job description and requirements
Employee’s qualifications and experience
Paying the applicable fees

Once the work permit is issued, you need to secure a visa for the employee through the Saudi Arabian embassy

Step 2: Register with the Saudi authorities
This provides benefits, including:

Health insurance
Pension plan
Workers’ compensation
Ministry of Labor and Social Development
Register the employee with the ministry to obtain a residence permit.

Step3 : Facilitate relocation
Assist the employee in finding suitable accommodation in Saudi Arabia.

Union Manpower Services stands out as a trusted partner in onboarding foreign employees in Saudi Arabia where you can ensure a seamless transition for your international hires.

At Union Manpower Services, we have a separate skills assessment center known as the Union Trade Test and Technical Training Center, where the skills are not only tested but we also provide trainings for various required skills. Additionally, we have free hostel facility for many trades training as well. For details and more information, kindly follow our facebook pages:



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