Our Core Team

Muhammad Asim Jamil

Director Overseas Affairs

Equipped with the most pivotal expertise, Mr. Muhammad Asim Jamil holds the reins of the team. Being in the business for years for overseas affairs, he has got not only the intimacy of recruitment but he also pushed it to the position where it tenders the credence in market. Muhammad Asim Jamil invents and reinvents various ways and techniques for providing better and solutions to clients' needs; hence delivers beyond comparison.

Engg Muhammad Ahsan

Overseas HR Head

Knowing the Arab soil and speaking the Arabic language, you would find Mr. Muhammad Ahsan a great mind for picking the right color from the palette and fixing it at the very right point in the picture. After completing Communications and Systems Engineering from a renowned University, he found himself in KSA. Indeed, he is comfortable with the people more than the machines and that's what made him a Producer and an Anchor too in a Television Network. Recruitment became his specialty in all these years. That's why human resources acquaint easily with him.

Engg Azzam Wadah Raslan

General Manager Overseas

Mr Azzam wadah is a civil engineer from an International University of Jordan so he is well aware of selection procedures and manpower hunting, With an experience of more than a decade in this field he has all the guts and experience to satisfy our esteemed clients requirement so he perfectly suits at General Manager Overseas position.

Mr. Mubeer Ahmed

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Mr. Mubeer Ahmed is responsible for operations of Union Trade and Test Centre throughout Pakistan since 2005. Holding the duty Of strategic as well as administrative responsibilities, he ensures all the operations are done smoothly with the ultimate objective of client's satisfaction. Mr. Mubeer laid down the vision of providing personalized professional solutions with fair business practices. He is all up to ensure superior and timely services within reasonable budgets.

Engg. Muhammad Qasim Jamil

Business Development Manager (UAE/ Oman/ Malaysia)

Our most seasoned units Of UAE, Oman & Malaysia are managed by Mr. Muhammad Qasim Jameel with regard to day to day affairs and assisting our clients for their queries, concerns, suggestions and requirements. Primarily in Business Development, Mr. Qasim has worked for providing us a satisfaction guaranteed company with a wide array of creative and successful placement strategies. He brings in fresh air for the clients. He has completed his B.Sc Engineering from Comsats University, Islamabad.

Yasir Mehmood

Marketing Manager

Yasir Mehmood, the esteemed Marketing Manager at Union Manpower Services, is a key contributor to the company's success in the highly competitive overseas recruitment industry. With his exceptional skills, extensive knowledge, and unwavering dedication, Yasir has played a pivotal role in establishing Union Manpower Services as a trusted and leading recruitment agency in Pakistan for Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Qatar.

Our European and Middle
Eastern representatives

Horia Hahaianu
+40 742 038 635

Georgeta Topciu
+40 736 061 606

Daniel Iurcu
+40 752 469 228

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