Being a Pakistani national working for promotion of foreign employment, I am proud to express a few thoughts on this subject. I feel that Pakistan and our manpower have a good position in business of export o f manpower. The credit for this goes to our esteemed employer of international labor market who trust the Pakistan workers as hard working, sincere and efficient and also to our Pakistani workers who have provided their ability to work in most demanding situation with communities and professional excellence and honesty. My organization aims to enrich national economy through fore* employment. I have a firm commitment to meet the demand for the supply of quality manpower in the international labor market. I believe this reciprocates the interests of employees and the employer and benefits both sides. Today my company enjoys a leading position in the export of manpower. It has become a cherished name among thc job seekers. It aims at providing a wide range of information and services to the employers around the world to source their workforce from Pakistan. We will be very happy to respond to any query regarding any information for recruiting workers of Pakistan.
We have faith in our clients.. Their trust on us is what bestrewed to with success. Finally, I would say that this Booklet in your hand is our renewed commitment to best quality and highest level of professional services. We will continue to provide competent manpower to our valuable employers to their entire satisfaction. I personally assure you that your requirements will be looked after In the best possible manner.

Thank you,